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People in Glass Betting Shops...

We love Ryan Gander’s ‘Ghost Shop’, a betting shop in Sunderland city centre made entirely of glass. And it’s just one of four major glasswork commissions that are now open to the public at sites across the north-east.

Ryan Gander’s ‘Ghost Shop’ is as neat a comment of the UK’s high streets as you’re liable to see. It features a betting shop in which everything, from the roulette machine lurking in the corner, to the upturned bin spilling out discarded betting slips, is made of glass. And it’s just part of ‘Glass Exchange’, an initiative that celebrates Sunderland’s status as a world-leading centre for artistic practice in glass. The commissions were developed by artists Katie Paterson, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Monster Cheywynd and Gander, working in collaboration with some of the most highly skilled glass makers in the UK – based at the National Glass Centre – and can be see in Durham and the National Glass Centre, as well as High Street West in Sunderland where you’ll find that incredible glass bookies. Full info on that, and all the other commissions, from the website, below. JL

Seek: sunderlandculture.org.uk/events/glass-exchange

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