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First Class

An exhibition of vintage railway posters is currently on show at Ushaw in Durham. Is there anything more evocative of the golden age of travel than a beautifully designed poster? (Answer: no.)

This superb exhibition has 40 of them – all sourced from private collections – that are resplendent in all their 1920-1950s, art deco, modernist glory, which celebrate some of the most iconic stops on the London & Northern Eastern Railway line. Andrew Heard, exhibition curator, said: “Railway posters from this period were early examples of glamorous and aspirational travel marketing for the masses. Visitors will journey from Edinburgh to London and beyond and be transported back in time. We are particularly excited to be showing posters illustrating north-east destinations, landmarks and beauty spots.” Our advice: make tracks. GM

From Edinburgh to London & Beyond, until 26 June, William Allen Gallery, Ushaw, Durham. ushaw.org