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Definitely Not A Cult...

Brace yourselves for two shows: Tarot in the first half, and Cautionary Tales in the second. Both twisted. Both hilarious.

In the heart of Edinburgh, a live tarot reading is held. Then, sketches spin out of the cards. When the show finishes, the significance of the reading as a whole begins to come into focus. ‘Tarot’ is one of the best reviewed Edinburgh shows of recent times with critics reaching for plaudits such as “One of the balls-out funniest shows of the Fringe” (Chortle) and “One of the darkest comedy shows I’ve ever seen – spectacular” (RGM). It was put together by the twisted mind of Gein’s Family Giftshop (“Brilliant” Reece Shearsmith) and Goose (“Brilliant” the Guardian). The second half will feature their latest show ‘Cautionary Tales’. We’ve not seen any reviews of that one but imagine it will be, yep, brilliant. DP

Tarot + Cautionary Tales, Wednesday 1 June, Stand Comedy Club, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £14. thestand.co.uk