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Lovejoy Is...

As the world becomes increasingly more complex, art provides us with a simple language to communicate and connect with. For poet and illustrator, Lizzie Lovejoy, collecting and telling stories is central to their work.

Through digital manipulation, pastel colours and fine-line pen illustrations, Lovejoy’s ‘feel good’ work takes on their love of local north-eastern history and being by the water. Commissioned by SeaScapes Co/Lab and in partnership with Curious Arts and Living History North East, the artist will work with local people to collect and help tell their stories and amplify queer voices as part of a year-long celebration of the sea. ‘Our words’ – the theme of the workshop – will encourage participants to explore their identities of being both northern and LGBTQIA+, and the relationship of queer culture to our region’s marine heritage. As Lizzie says “Many people say to me that they can’t draw, but they often surprise themselves, and everyone’s stories are relevant”. So even if you are unsure of your sketching skills, the main aim is the learn, share, and celebrate local communities and your stories. This workshop will lead to the creation of a range of images and a series of poems that will be showcased in an exhibition in November – definitely something to look out for! CJ