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Send in the Clowes

Trish Clowes? She’s only one of the most agile jugglers of improv and thrilling compositions in the UK. I’m talking jazz, of course.

Trish Clowes released her fourth album ‘A View with a Room’ in April and it cemented her place as one of the most exciting saxophonists in the UK. Lauded for her imaginative approach to improvisation and composition, the album saw Clowes providing her acclaimed band, My Iris, with a unique platform for individual expression, delivering driving grooves and lingering melody lines, seamlessly morphing between earthy restlessness and futuristic dreamscapes. All but one of the eight original compositions came together during the pandemic, and she commented: “Many of the tracks make direct reference to issues created and exacerbated by the global pandemic, commenting on personal loss and creativity as a solace, the climate crisis, and the ever-growing migrant crisis.” What a thrill to get to hear it live. GM

Trish Clowes + band, Sunday 15 May, The Globe, Newcastle, 7pm, £10 (£12 door). t