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Special Kae

Four albums, a novel, a book of non-fiction, three plays and five collections of poetry. If Kae Tempest has any laurels Kae Tempest is certainly not resting on them.

Kae Tempest first started to twang cultural antennae back in the early 2010s with poetry collections ‘Everything Speaks in its Own Way’ and ‘Brand New Ancients’. They also won a lot of people over with their plays ‘Wasted’ and ‘Glasshouse’. But they really started to make people sit up and take notice with their album ‘Everybody Down’, a unified story cycle that garnered a Mercury Prize nomination. (Just for good measure, they was also nominated for 2017’s ‘Let Them Eat Chaos’.) Of their latest album, ‘The Line Is A Curve’ (released in April to great acclaim), they say: “[It] is about letting go. Of shame, anxiety, isolation and falling instead into surrender. This letting go can hopefully be felt across the record. In the musicality, the instrumentation, the lyricism, the delivery, the cover art [by Wolfgang Tillmans].” Kae Tempest has the ability to hold a room rapt and I’m sure they’ll be doing just that when they visit the Sage in May. DP

Kae Tempest, Saturday 21 May, Sage Gateshead, 7pm, from £24.80.