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Local: Hayley McKay

This Durham singer/songwriter is starting to make big waves well beyond our region, particularly in country and western circles.

We’ve waxed lyrical about Hayley Mckay in the past, but now it seems that plenty of other publications are getting on board with her prodigious talents. The Telegraph have praised her “beautiful voice and moving lyrics, infectious pop melodies/country influences”, while Elmore Magazine – the US magazine dedicated to all things country, roots, bluegrass etc – have also jumped aboard her bandwagon, frothing: “The up and coming apple of the British music industry’s eye.” And it’s little wonder that Mckay is beginning to make her presence felt far beyond our regional borders. She has that kind of authentic, easy on the ear style that simply sweeps you along. She also has a great range, vocally, and knows how to pen melodies that lodge themselves instantly in your brain. Her track ‘Wild West’ was shortlisted for the UK Song of the Year at the British Country Music Association awards last year, and I don’t think it’ll be long before she’s actually winning these prizes. DP