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All In The Same Boat

What is ‘Earth Requiem’ and what does it have to do with The Sunderland Indie? Read on for the facts that matter.

‘Earth Requiem’ is an ambitious exhibition and series events – organised by The Sunderland Indie – which aims to showcase creative responses to the climate crisis. Through painting, sculpture, photography, film, music, poetry, dance, performance, talks and discussions (i.e. the full goddamn caboodle), Sunderland’s artistic community will open a dialogue with the wider public on the most important issue facing life on planet Earth today. The exhibition promises to be thoughtful, poetic, experimental, challenging but always compelling. Artists taking part include Stephanie Smith, Benjamin Freeth, Denise Dowdeswell, James Wilkinson, Angela Sandwith, and many more.

Sunderland Indie: Earth Requiem pt 1: A Place Unknown, 12 April-28 May, Arts Centre, Washington.