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black pond, Soley and Bella, 61 x 91cm.jpg

Murray’s mint!

We adore the paintings of Ruth Murray, and a collection of her work is coming to The Old School Gallery in Alnmouth.

We love Ruth Murray’s paintings because of two things: her content and style. Her content consists of mainly female subjects depicted in contemporary, everyday settings, far removed from traditional domestic or overly posed paintings of women. And her style, while realistic – hyper-realistic you might say – also has a looseness, a freshness, that really brings her portraits to life. She comments: “My iconography is developed from everyday stories, places and faces, but also makes use of elements from older visual languages and across the boundaries between ‘high’ and ‘low’ culture. Sometimes I’ll confront the viewer with enigmatic behaviours; and at other times I’ll use rituals, symbols and tokens to disrupt the reading of the image.” RM

Black Pond, Solo Exhibition, 8 April-22 May, The Old School Gallery, Alnmouth.