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riotgrrl.jpg Muff said

What’s with all the female genitalia/band name crossovers? Pussy Riot over in Russia, Clits In Action here in the north-east. What next? Vulva-zala? Jive Fanny? No matter. I love the C(i)A fanzine which is a real stoking of the fires for Riot Grrrls everywhere. Riot Grrrl as a movement kicked off in the early 90s, dishing out feminism through thrilling blasts of punky rhetoric, but, as is pointed out in C(i)A, “We need to keep Riot Grrrl alive, but reinvent it. The days of Bikini Kill, Bratmobile and Heavens To Betsy [original Riot Grrrl bands] are over. We need to make our own revolution”. It also features interviews, reviews, plenty of sloganeering and is shot through with a real call to arms. Here comes the Grrrls.

Seek: theciariotzine.tumblr.com