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Kelsey Cruz-Martin_  Lesser True 2021.jpg

And It Was All Yellow...

What’s ‘Stunning, Fierce & Yellow’? Find out at Gallery North.

Pop culture and art bounce off each other in weird and wonderful ways, and this new exhibition at Newcastle’s Gallery North is no exception. Inspired by a quote from ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’s Queen Alaska, ‘Stunning, Fierce & Yellow’ is a multi-artist, multi-media extravaganza, exploring materiality, ‘highbrow vs lowbrow’ culture, and, yep, the pure joy of the colour yellow. Uniting creatives from across the UK in one installation where “the edges between artists are blurred and merged”, curator Will Hughes celebrates the process of making art in all its messiness and innovation. Playfulness is key here: sculptor Abi Charlesworth envisages tactile, sensory experiences; Kelsey Cruz-Martin’s abstract work is rooted in the body; and Ollie Guyon focuses on colour-driven wooden medleys. The line-up is complete with contemplative but humorous work interrogating gender, queerness, and domesticity from Connor Shields, Garth Gratix, Darren Neave, and Robbie O’Keeffe. After a long couple of years seeing art mainly through pixels on a computer screen, ‘Stunning, Fierce & Yellow’ promises an excitingly vivid, multi-sensory art experience. LB

Stunning, Fierce & Yellow, 10-26 February, Gallery North, Northumbria University. gn.northumbria.ac.uk