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The Door-to-Door Poet

Rowan McCabe is the world’s first door-to-door poet. It’s true! (And if you visit Live Theatre on 2 February he’ll explain all.)

Rowan McCabe has spent a significant amount of time knocking on stranger’s doors, asking what is important to them, and then going away and writing a poem for them. (Naturally, he then returned to these houses to recite the finished poems on countless doorsteps.) In March 2019, McCabe set out to visit twelve places around England, one place each month. Through this bold, and arguably stupid act, he was trying to find out what matters to people, what the state of the nation was, and if strangers are as scary as they’re made out to be. As March 2020 approached, world events pushed the project in a very different direction. McCabe is now taking his new show ‘Door-to-Door Poetry: Nationwide’ to Live Theatre. A mixture of theatre and spoken work, it tells the tale of what happened to him in the build-up to the pandemic. It’s a story about class and community and highlights the importance of connecting strangers in a post-Covid world.

Door-To-Door Poetry: Nationwide, Wednesday 2 February, Live Theatre, Newcastle, 7.30pm, £8 (concs from £6). www.live.org.uk