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What Does KVB Stand For?

Kill Vivacious Brummies? Knickers Vacancy, Babe! Who knows? One thing is certain – The KVB have got it going on!

Released just before the Christmas tinsel started to go up, The KVB’s fabulous ‘Unity’ album arrived baring gifts. And what gifts! The seeds of the album were sown in demo form in Spain, shortly followed by a move from Berlin back to the UK. The tracks were then honed over lockdown into what we have now: propulsive beats, immersive atmospherics, and sky-scraping melodies to burn. The band (say “Hi – how’s tricks?” to Kat Day and Nicholas Wood) bring a whole range of influences to the party including Kraftwerk, Ladytron and New Order for a sound that melds shoegaze and psychedelia and electronica to dizzying effect. “It was written while we were moving countries into a kind of unknown future,” says Wood. “So I was looking at themes of aspiration, modern alienation and utopian and dystopian futures.” It’s not a concept album, per se, but it is an album that teases out multiple themes including that of duality and unity. It’s also the pair’s seventh long-player and is undoubtedly their best and most cohesive yet. GM

The KVB, Tuesday 25 January, Think Tank?, Newcastle, 7pm, £8. thinktankncl.co.uk

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