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Tyne For A Story...

Events in Newcastle, Northumberland and North Tyneside this January are just the curtain-raisers for ‘North of the Tyne, Under the Stars’, a free new festival taking place in February, which aims to weave a new fable for the region. Imagine!

People in the north-east love a story. We also have a strong sense of place and ‘North of the Tyne, Under the Stars’ aims to marry together these two things through seven different events. Connecting them will be the tale of a mysterious and magical visitor, a Story-Weaver if you will, who is being called down from the stars to travel the region and seek connections, fables, facts and characters and then draw them together to spin a new mythology for the North of Tyne area. (She will be visiting North Shields, Wallsend, Hexham, Blyth, Byker and Fenham to engage local people in her alchemy.) Finally, in February, the Story-Weaver will take all she has found to Newcastle City Centre and invite us to witness the magic she has created, played out across the streets and buildings. The core story has been developed by a collaborative team of artists including Newcastle based projection artists NOVAK, and composer Roma Yagnik, as well as Director Simon Sharkey and Designer Robin Peoples. The February festival will also have brand new commissions from companies including Illuminos, Limbic Cinema, Heinrich & Palmer and imitating the dog – all high profile companies known for creating ambitious works for festivals in the UK and across the world. We could waffle at length about the magic that is coming our way, but, honestly, this is one of those things that you really need to experience yourself.

Neighbourhood events: B

lyth & North Shields, Friday 18 & Saturday 19 February, 6pm - 9pm; Wallsend & Byker, Friday 25 & Saturday 26 February, 6pm - 9pm; Fenham & Hexham, Friday 4 & Saturday 5 March, 6pm - 9pm. Festival finale: Newcastle City Centre, Thursday 10 - Sunday 13 March, 6.30pm - 10pm. All free. undernorthtynestars.co.uk

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