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Handing On Our History Podcast

What better way to start the New Year than with a new podcast?

If you’re looking to learn about LGBTQ+ history in the north east, and beat those January blues by hearing the inspirational stories of LGBTQ+ people and activists (such as Louise Evan Wong – pictured), then check out the Handing on our History Podcast. The most recent episode features David Miller, Simon Bartlett, Paula Mulvenna, Nicola Sugden and Patrick Price, who were interviewed by Richard Bliss about their experiences with HIV/AIDS activism in the 1980s and 1990s. Handing on our History is a project that takes a cross-generational approach to oral history where students get the chance to interview LGBTQ+ people about north-east pride events, Section 28 and LGBT rights. The podcast shares knowledge about the LGBTQ+ history that went before us and opens up conversations about what this means for LGBTQ+ communities today. It was originally managed by Equal Arts and is now continued on a voluntary basis. CJ

Find out more about the Handing on our History project here: www.handingonourhistory.co.uk. Listen to the podcast by searching Handing on our History on Soundcloud and Spotify.