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From Small Acorns...

Gary Kitching and Steve Byron have been responsible for some of the most idiosyncratic dramas to hit the north-east in recent years, and now they’re back with ‘Tree’.

One of the biggest ever wows at Alphabetti Theatre was surely ‘Bacon Knees and Sausage Fingers’ by Gary Kitching and Steve Byron. And everyone who was enraptured by that show are certain to want to a piece of their latest, ‘Tree’. It concerns two friends (played by Judi Earl and Jacqueline Phillips) who like to chat about life and humanity. They’re hilarious, heart-breaking and they tell lies. They also like to sing and dance and laugh (and cry). Through their chats (both cosy and uncomfortable) they dissect each other, and the world – but there’s also a big lie that threatens to disrupt everything they have… Directed by Rachel Glover you should prepare yourself for a night like no other. DP

Tree, Tuesday 25 January-Saturday 12 February, Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle, 7.30pm (1pm Sat mat), pay what you feel (booking essential). alphabettitheatre.co.uk