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The First Rule Of Fightmilk Club...

…is to be a fan of classic indie-guitar-pop that comes straight from the heart.

Fightmilk (fans of misanthropic US sitcom ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ will instantly know where the band got their name from) are a four-piece from London who make the kind of tuneful racket that fans of Kenickie, Elastica, insert-your-fave-indie-band-of-the-1980s-1990s-here, etc are sure to go big on. They banged out their debut album ‘Not With That Attitude’ in 2018 – which featured a stellar combo of big hooks, a certain amount of sarky insolence, and sly humour – but managed to top it in 2021 with ‘Contender’. This long-player really showed off their song-writing chops, working some electronics into their sound and finding room to let some of their songs breathe such as on ‘Girls Don’t Want To Have Fun’ and ‘If You Had A Sister’. Needless to say, they still know when to put their foot down, and live they remain an exhilarating proposition. Find out for yourself when they hit the lovely Bobiks in Newcastle. JL

Fightmilk, Wednesday 19 January, Bobiks (at the Punch Bowl), Newcastle, 7.30pm, £8. bobiks.com