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Local: Cameron Scott

Newcastle’s Cameron Scott has a second album in the offing, and it’s quite extraordinary.

Commenting on his second album (entitled ‘Spiral into Nothingness’) Cameron Scott says that he is returning, “to my ineffable melancholic style, reminiscent of the likes of Radiohead, The Smiths and Nick Cave, however this time, through the lens of a thought-provoking concept.” This may make you think that it’s a real, draw-the-curtains-and-hunker-down-for-a-chunk-of-high-misery affair, but nothing could be further from the truth. The tracks here are drenched in atmosphere (shades of Chris Isaak) and no little drama (shades of Jeff Buckley), but they’re also thrumming with great melodies. The album only contains six tracks but within these precious grooves, Scott gives us a whole Russian novel-worth of emotion, from his reminiscences of falling in love, to ‘Super-8’, a piano led soundtrack that, “reminds me of a summer in isolation”. It’s an album to live with and pore endlessly over. DP

Seek: www.facebook.com/cameronkscott