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Local: Ani Sandwith

Despite her tender years, Ani Sandwith appears to have acquired a voice, and songwriting nous, that is drenched with experience.

Ani Sandwith’s last single ‘Too Close’ was a beautifully stripped back affair, but you really don’t need any unnecessary percussive bombast when you’re dealing with a voice as true as hers. And what a voice! She has power, sure, but she doesn’t use it to take listeners on ridiculous flights of tonsil battering fancy. Instead, she pulls you in close and succeeds in commanding your undivided attention. There’s also a tender rawness to her vocals, something that also extends to her songwriting. On ‘Too Close’ she comments: “The lyrics and dynamic journey of the song document the painful intimacy of a relationship breakdown and the personal battles that are endured to reach the point of breaking free.” Sandwith has already played Glastonbury (in 2016) as well as the Mouth of the Tyne festival alongside Tom Odell and Laura Marling, but I don’t think it will be too long before she is playing big headline shows herself. (Stop press: Ani Sandwith is due to play Bobiks at the end of February. Don’t miss.) DP

Seek: www.facebook.com/AniSandwithMusic