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Too Early for Valentine’s Day?

Initialize are holding their Valentine’s special in Middlesbrough on Friday 4 February.

Valentine’s? Friday 4 February? That’s ten days too early if you ask me. What next? Halloween in spring? No matter. But if you’re the type of person who eschews Valentine’s Roses (of the bought from the garage variety, and the Cadbury’s variety) in favour of the kind of beats per minute that would shame a pneumatic drill, then you’re in luck because Initialize are wading in with their big size 9s. It’s all taking place at the brand new Stereo club in Middlesbrough and will feature the kind of DJ line up that will leave panting for mercy. I’m talking Matrix, Chrissy G, Culture, Carter, NRG, Selector C, and more. Supporting MCs will include Tazo (pictured), Turbo, Impulse, and, well, you get the picture. Expect hard dance, hardcore/hardstyle, old skool, techno and trance. GM

Initialize, Friday 4 February, Stereo, Middlesbrough, 8pm-4am, £20/£25 door. skiddle.com