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That Won't Come Out...

‘Permanent Marker’ is a solo exhibition by Manchester-based artist Nina Chua, which you can see at Workplace Foundation.

I love the feeling you get when you pop the top off a brand new marker pen (and no, I not talking about the heady aroma). When you’re wielding one of those muthas you can’t help but get the urge to do what its name implies and mark something. Unfortunately, far too many people use marker pens to mark bus shelters, and not nearly enough to mark bits of paper to stick in galleries. Not so Nina Chua. The artist – who has exhibited both nationally and internationally – uses permanent marker pen in incredibly novel ways, using repetition to build up dense, contemplative works that explore the threshold between drawing and objects. Her latest pieces are shown alongside her sculptural and wall-based explorations that oscillate between absence and presence and destabilise the viewer’s perception. DP

Nina Chua: Permanent Marker, until 15 January, Workplace Foundation, Newcastle. workplacefoundation.art

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