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Peace in our Time

You can see a major exhibition of local artist John Peace’s work at South Shields Museum & Art Gallery.

I nearly always roll my eyes at any press release that contains the phrases “local artist” and “local views”. Many local artists’ take on the world around them in the north-east is often sentimental and tipping into the twee, but John Peace’s stuff is anything but. He demonstrates a real sureness of touch in his work, which reveals both the truth and the beauty he found when he was out and about with his easel. This exhibition – the first since Peace died in 2017 – brings together a significant selection of some of his finest work and focuses on landscapes, many depicting the region’s coast and rivers, as well as the area around Lemington, where he spent most of his life, and includes paintings of South Tyneside and Sunderland. DP

Tyne & Tide, until 7 May, South Shields Museum & Art Gallery. southshieldsmuseum.org.uk

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