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Chernobyl Endeavour

If you’re looking for textiles informed by Chernobyl then Claire A. Baker is your go-to woman. You can see her work at mima.

After the Chernobyl nuclear accident of 1986, 91, 200 people were evacuated from areas around the city. A community of less than 80 individually isolated and obsolescent people remain. Claire A. Baker’s practice-led research, meanwhile, concerns itself with place and non-place memory, displacement and the lost. She also had a deep interest in the everyday life of others, exploring transcultural parallels and differences, with her practice contemporising traditional textile craft to continue its legacy. Claire has based her research within the Chernobyl exclusion zone since 2015, and made connections and nurtured relationships with the ageing community of self-settlers still living on land deemed uninhabitable, and the textiles shown at mima are among the results. GM

Claire A. Baker: The Red Threat, until 30 January, mima, Middlesbrough. mima.art

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