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art-deco-pic.jpg Art deco hair… How unmoral is it?

Call it the “new neat”; call it The Great Gatsby Effect; Call it style-writers-can-make-up-any-old-shit-and-some-dummies-will-take-it-as-gospel-truth, but art deco hair is back, Back, BACK!

In many ways, I’m not a woman, but if I were I’d take myself off to the barber’s forthwith to act out this scene culled from F. Scott Fitzgerald: “I want you to bob my hair.” The first barber’s mouth slid somewhat open. His cigarette dropped to the floor. “Huh?” “My hair – bob it!”. 
It’s taken from the short story “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” and details Bernice’s adventures in grabbing some of that jazz-age action. Before the deed a friend enquires of her in grave tones: “Do you believe in bobbed hair?” to which she replies, “I think it’s unmoral. But, of course, you’ve either got to amuse people or feed ‘em or shock ‘em.”
Art deco, of course, is a rather uncompromising style, but steeped in sophistication, and a new book “Art Deco Hair” affords a glimpse back to the styles of the 20s and 30s, offering a guide to recreating the sassy dos of that era with vintage illustrations, photos, instructions and diagrams. Naturally there’s plenty on Louise Brooks and her sharp bob, but, for me, Claudette Colbert is the way to go, who introducing a soft kink into proceedings but with just enough joie de vivre to still shock ‘em.

Art Deco Hair by Daniela Turudich is published by Streamline Press on 15 July.