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The Full Dante

The Godfather of Italy is having a moment at the Lit & Phil. (And no, we don’t mean Don Corleone.)

Dante Alighieri was the Italian author and poet who died in 1321, but whose work continues to light the flame of inspiration to this day. His major work ‘The Divine Comedy’ is still widely read and his output has inspired everything from plays to music, novels to computer games and even architecture. The Lit & Phil is mounting a three-week celebration of the man, which will include exhibitions, talks, concerts and screenings (including ‘L’Inferno – the first full length Italian silent film, made in 1911, with a new soundtrack by Edison Studio). Full programme from the website, below.

Dante: Godfather of Italy, 2-23 December, The Lit & Phil, Newcastle. litandphil.org.uk