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The Best Band In The World?

The Quietus – your online go-to guide for all that’s best about the chin-stroking end of the indie spectrum – have slapped Black Country, New Road with a ‘Best Band in the World’ rosette. Fancy that!

I’m not sure if Black Country, New Road are the best band in the world, but they’re undoubtedly super-exciting. Striding through the worlds of post-rock, post-punk and post-prog (is post-prog a thing?) the London-based outfit managed to create a huge stir earlier this year with the release of their exuberant debut album ‘For The First Time’. It only features six tracks, but within those tracks they manage to pull in a huge array of sounds and influences, from Jewish klezmer music, to jazzy experimentation, to sweeping orchestral balladry. And in frontman, Isaac Wood, the band have a wordsmith who is adept at conjuring up the kind of imagery that their music deserves: “It’s a one-size-fits-all hardcore cyber-fetish early noughties zine / She sells matcha shots to pay for printing costs and a PR team.” And he delivers it all in the kind of quivering tone that only adds to the drama. Live, they’re supposed to be incredible, but, needless to say, I’ve not yet had the pleasure. I can’t wait to put that right when they visit the region this December. DP

Black Country, New Road, Tuesday 7 December, Newcastle University Student Union, 7pm, £15.