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Not Just For Christmas

Sock Council are a local company who make – yep! – socks, but they’re such good socks that you’ll be wanting to keep them for yourself rather than gifting them to uncle Roger (although I’m sure uncle Roger would love a pair too).

Sock Council are obviously fans of the beautiful game, because many of their finest products are football related. But, more often than not, they come at the national sport from the kind of angle that Eric Cantona did when he launched himself at a racist supporter back in the 1990s (and, needless to say, one of their best-selling Manchester United related socks depicts Eric launching himself into the crowd). The recent hoo-ha over players taking the knee hasn’t escaped their attention, either. The gesture is clearly an anti-racist measure, but racists (desperately trying not to come across as racist) have tried to convince everyone that players are actually advocating Marxism (because millionaire footballers are desperate to overthrow the system that made them rich). Hence, Sock Council’s England socks – in natty red, white and blue – show Karl Marx, in a three lions strip, taking the knee. I also love Sock Council’s Scotland socks (the ‘McCoist’), which have been inspired by the pattern of the classic Italia 90 Scotland training shirt. Away from football, they have socks that take their inspiration from The Likely Lads, the suffragettes, the Bauhaus, and anything else that grabs their attention. ‘Ho ho ho’ this Christmas? ‘Hose hose hose’ more like. RM

Seek: sockcouncil.com