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Stars and Stripes

Dassler’s Craft take the famous three stripes of Adidas and make them even better with customs designs that can incorporate everything from your favourite band to your favourite football team.

Are you a fan of The Jam, or Shed Seven, or Madness? If so, Dassler’s Craft have some pairs of trainers that may interest you. Their design wizards have also concocted natty pieces of footwear that celebrate Bob Marley, Run DMC and The Stone Roses (although, given Ian Brown’s logic-free pronouncements on the pandemic over the last year or so, I’m disappointed Dassler’s Craft didn’t find room to include a tin-foil hat on that particular pair). They also have trainers that laud football teams, from AC Milan and Manchester United through to Blackburn Rovers and Luton Town. And hey, if you can’t find your favourite band or football team in their shop, they also have a bespoke service in which you can add inscriptions, images and colour to your favourite trainers. In the past they’ve even made someone a pair that celebrate Dr Who – which look incredible but, unfortunately, are not guaranteed to regenerate when the sole wears out. DP

Seek: dasslerscraft.co.uk