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Local: Komparrison

Hey Komparrison! Why the funny spelling? A ‘K’ instead of a ‘C’? Two ‘Rs’? Krrazy! But they’re a band who only recognise two sets of rules in this goddamn dirty world: theirs and everyone else’s. Guess which ones they play by?

When I first clocked a picture of this north-east five-piece, I was in two minds about sort of music they made. It was either going to be straight up and down classic rock (the kind your mum used to listen to when she was shaking her perm back in the 1980s), or that shouty, growling into a bucket stuff. It’s neither. They play indie-pop that is all sugar rushes (with none of that nasty saccharine aftertaste), which also has a nice bit of edge. Case in point is last single ‘Bubblegum’, which uses a gorgeous, Lily Allen-like melody, to tell a tale of a relationship that is on the fizzle. The band have been likened to Rex Orange County and Declan McKenna (i.e. on their press release) but they also remind me of noughties indie-rockers The Long Blondes in that they have the requisite amount of snap to go with all those swoony bits. They played their first ever gigs earlier this year (at the Tyne Bank Brewery and the sold-out MUNRO festival) to much acclaim, and it’s a sure bet they’ll be hitting us up with more good stuff in the months to come. DP