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Local: Faye Fantarrow

Oh! My eyes! I hate these migraine-inducing press pics. But Sunderland’s Faye Fantarrow can hit us up with any kind of image she likes if she keeps making alt-indie-pop that is as good as her latest single ‘Noughties’.

“I wanted Noughties to be a completely fun track that was a nod towards 2000’s babies. I also wanted all the nostalgic clichés and ironies of Gen Z to be acknowledged and celebrated within the track.” That’s Faye Fantarrow’s take on ‘Noughties’, her recent single which has had me positively cooing with delight. It’s a track that melds propulsive rhythms, acoustic guitar work and Fantarrow’s distinctive vocals to super-fine effect. It was pulled together by legendary north-east producer John Ashton (who has toured as a musician and sound engineer with the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Tame Impala) and he’s added just the right amount of danceable shimmer and swagger to really make it shine. The track is a wonderful follow up to ‘Kola Kisses’ (released earlier this year), which, again, managed to combine strummy guitars and skippy beats in a way that arrowed straight to your heart. Fantarrow nabbed the prestigious Alan Hull Award for Songwriting earlier this year and I reckon that won’t be the last award this talented 19-year-old picks up. DP

Seek: www.facebook.com/fayefantarrowmusic