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Tartan Barmy!

It looks like Fred Perry are having a distinctly tartan moment at the minute and it’s all thanks to their deliriously good collaboration with Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY. Tartan and Fred Perry are a good fit, because tartan – like Fred Perry itself – never really goes out of style; and tartan – like Fred Perry itself – continually keeps getting reinvented for a whole new generation. Glaswegian Charles Jeffrey LOVERBOY is known for his exuberant designs and he’s giving us both barrels with this collaboration, which includes fluffy cardigans, bomber jackets, and (yep) kilts. Me? Give me one of these oversize shirts and berets (pictured) and I’ll be as happy as a pig on holiday. The shirts are heavy with textured woven cotton and come in an oversize fit, with button-down collars and patch pockets. Very smart.  The berets, meanwhile, are resplendent in cotton, fitted with a luxe sateen lining, and should be worn with a certain amount of swagger. Apparently the collection celebrates Jeffrey’s Scottish roots (he’s based in London now), as well as the burgeoning nu-rave and indie scenes, which dominated his student years in London. I won’t be wearing my beret to any raves any time soon (nu or otherwise) but I do reckon they’ll look good down at the bingo. DP

Seek: www.fredperry.com