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marmalade-3.jpg Attention women! THIS is the modern world.

If you’re hankering after some of the sharpest mod-style attire you’ll find anywhere on the planet, then can we point you in the direction of the amazing Marmalade-Shop. 

There are certain fashions that will always look good. For while today’s 20-somethings will glance back at their former selves, heads shaking in disbelief while declaring, “Look at those low-slung jeans with the crotch hanging down by my knees; what a grade-A bell-end I was,” those of a mod persuasion can always look back and think, “Hmm… Yes! Wasn’t I a snappy dresser.” Marmalade-Shop was set up in 2001 by Polish-born designer Magdalena Sokolowska who opened up a store selling 1960s-inspired fashions from a boutique in Toronto. These sharp dresses were a knock-out and a website was set up which now distributes this groovy gear, from a studio in Poland, right around the world. Everything is made under strict ethical conditions and because they only have a small manufacturing unit they can personally oversee the whole process, ensuring that each piece meets the highest of standards. All you need provide is the knowing smile which says: “Looking good kid, for now and for always” and your summer outfit will be complete.

Seek: marmalade-shop.com