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Queer Editorial

blusher.jpg Blusher

The Euro 2013 football tournament is in July, and I am SO EXCITED. People’s reaction to my excitement tends to fall into three camps - either they’re just as excited as me (a select few people), they’re bemused because they can’t see the point of any sport (a fair few people), or they’re confused because they’re pretty sure the next big football tournament is the World Cup next year (most people). And to those people I have to explain that by ‘football’ I meant ‘women's football’.

It’s no coincidence that among the people I know who are as excited as me about the Euros, a great number of them are lesbian/bisexual. Lesbians love football. The usual caveats apply - not all lesbians are sporty, not all sporty women are lesbians - but there is a big correlation between women who own shinpads and women who own P!nk’s back catalogue.
There are no out gay players in the England squad, but there are a lot of fairly well-known rumours about which squad members play for our team. People are entitled to a private life of course, and we really shouldn’t gossip, but all I’m saying is look for the swagger, and don’t overlook the girlier players. But enough of this speculation. You should be watching for the football. If you like men’s football, you should watch women’s football. And if you don’t care about football, then well done for reading this all the way through. MS