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Tyne & Ware

The wondrous Jessie Ware is back in Newcastle in early December to get the party season started with a back catalogue of songs that are designed to set rumps a-rotating.

Jessie Ware’s ‘What’s Your Pleasure’ was the best album of 2020. There. I’ve said it. It was a release that distilled everything that was good about what she had done in the past, with one eye on super-slinky pop-soul, but with both hips shimmying determinedly in the direction of the dancefloor. It’s an album that conjures gleaming chrome, smoked glass and twitching, satin clad bottoms; an album that basks in the reflection of the mirror-ball; an album that invites you into a wonderland that thrums to the joys of neon-streaked synths and airy vocals – in short: it’s an album that throws the most extravagant shapes in front of the temple that is disco. It’s Ware’s fourth long-player and she has never sounded looser or up for fun as she does here (although, as long-term fans know, her back catalogue, including 2012’s brilliant ‘Devotion’ album is also packed with a myriad of delights). These songs deserve to be heard live and I can’t wait to finally get to hear them up close and personal. DP

Jessie Ware + Jodie Harsh, Sunday 5 December, O2 Academy, Newcastle, 7pm, From £32.85. academymusicgroup.com/o2academynewcastle