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Leonskaja Plays Schubert

Awarded instrumentalist of the year in 2020 and one of the most renowned pianists of our time, Elisabeth Leonskaja graced the North East with an incredible performance of Schubert’s last three piano sonatas.

Leonskaja’s presence was captivating from the moment she stepped on stage. In the gorgeous and intimate Sage One venue, the audience was instantly gripped, the collective awe was palpable throughout the performance.

Schubert’s sonatas are amongst the greatest pieces of classical music of all time, and the Soviet-born pianist certainly did them justice. Her passion for the music was evident in her sincere yet joyful expressions, which paired with the simple warm lighting and stripped-back stage, made for a stunning visual performance as well as an auditory masterpiece.

Leonskaja artfully raised the tension of these pieces in breathtaking crescendos and even in the brief pauses between notes, she never lost our attention even for a second. Truly a remarkable performance.

Scarlett Welch