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quilliam-brothers-pic.jpg Tea! Art! Music! Cinema!

Quilliam Brothers Tea House in Newcastle is, as the name hints at, a Tea House, but – OH! - it’s so much more than that…

Stuff coffee. My beverage of choice is tea and thankfully the altogether brilliant Quilliam Brothers Tea House has over 100 different types of the lovely stuff. Amazing. And they also do food too, which always goes well with a nice cuppa. But this tea house is also something of an arty hub as they’re not adverse to staging exhibitions and gigs. And – GET THIS! – they also have a dinky cinema which seats 20 people. A cinema! Adjoining a tea house! All they need do now is add a shower-block and I’ll never leave the place.

Quilliam Brothers Tea House, 1 Eldon Place, Claremont Buildings, Newcastle.