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Women Are Mint

WOMEN ARE MINT. No truer statement has ever been uttered. It’s also an absolutely banging festival on Alphabetti’s new intimate D’Addario Stage, curated by local musician Martha Hill. Guaranteed to satisfy every musical itch you need to scratch. From powerful singer-songwriters, to dynamic hip-hop artists, to mind-blowing DJs and performers; there is nothing you might want that Women Are Mint doesn’t offer.

17 artists performing over three weeks with a line-up featuring Lauren Stone, Frankie Jobling, Cortney Dixon, ETHR, Lady Annabella, Leddie MC, Ruth Lyon, Rosy, Holly  Rees, Northering, (DJ) Cadi, Jodie Nicholson, Georgia May (pictured), Heidi, Beccy Owen, Straight Girl and (DJ) Paula. Every performance is part of Alphabetti’s Pay What You Feel ticketing scheme, meaning you may what you feel you can afford at the end of the show. Tickets will sell out fast so booking is essential. 

26th October - 13th November, Alphabetti Theatre