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Once lauded as simply something handy to wear on an outdoor excursion, Patagonia has managed to make the move from outward-bound must-haves to being found in the wardrobes of streetwear-savvy shoppers around the world. Don’t get us wrong; you can still go to their online store and find everything from fleeces to wetsuits and waders, but rather than only being stocked in outdoors-y favourites like Cotswold Outdoor, you can also now find them in the arguably cooler shops like END. and Urban Outfitters.

They’ve edged out their branding and managed to nail the particularly tricky concept of making outdoor essentials appeal to those whose brand-new fleece is more likely to see the inside of a micropub than a tent, but their rise up the street style ranks isn’t just about fashion. No longer just known for making a decent t-shirt or handy backpack, Patagonia have also made quite the name for themselves in the fight against global warming, and are now just as popular for their activism as they are for their apparel. They quite literally tax themselves (a self-appointed ‘Earth tax’), and use the money to fund environmental non-profits around the world to help combat the climate crisis, as well as connecting skilled workers to grassroots groups and matching individuals with environmental causes and groups. Phew.

You can visit their website here.

Photos: Ryan Noel

Models: @fabriciusst & @colleen.sade

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