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We feel like the recent success of the Olympics has made people think of skateboarding in a new light, and Newcastle-based streetwear brand Jerry J Clothing seems to agree with us. Founded in 2016 by Gambian-born Lamin Gibba, Jerry J was created to inspire people to aim higher and strive harder, with their phrase “For elevated people” front and centre of their branding. After being backed by The Princes Trust, Jerry J has gone on to create almost entirely unisex streetwear-inspired pieces, and you can get your hands on everything from hoodies and t-shirts to backpacks and slides to complete your über trendy wardrobe.

Skating and streetstyle have gone hand in hand for decades (see basically everything that came out of the 90s), and Jerry J is following along in those footsteps by hosting a free Skate Jam competition on Saturday September 4th for all ages, with the aim of bringing the community together to tackle both physical and mental health issues amongst younger generations by boosting their confidence and encouraging a healthy outlet for them. You might not catch us doing any tricks – or even managing to stand upright – on a skateboard anytime soon, but Jerry J’s fashion lets even the most uncoordinated of us have a good time in the skating community.

You can find more information about the event here and head to their website here.

Faith Richardson

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