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Traditionally there have always been four elements – Earth, Air, Fire and Water, but in the past few months we have been trying to debunk this theory by creating one overarching element: Fire! Burning seas, burning earth, burning air, we may as well all become salamanders or for those who know their Greek Myths, Chimera. How do you process a recent headline like, “American West stuck in a cycle of heat, drought and fire”?  Maybe we’ve been watching a few too many tv series about dragons: anyone can breathe fire, right?! And here we are, the world alight, sorting out our bottles and paper for reasons of environmental friendliness when it really doesn’t matter anymore. Everything is going to burn anyway so we may as well replace our grey, green and black bins with a great big fire pit, it’s a more honest alternative. Sorry, I’ve been using the collective ‘we’, but, let’s face it, ‘we’ isn’t us. We don’t want to live in fire, it’s the current leadership of the world backed by their industrial financiers who seem to think a hot and fiery future is something to strive for or to ignore for short term profits to maintain that all important bottom line. They also seem to think that the current Climate Emergency can be ignored and yet solved by greater consumption of the Earth’s resources to, for instance, invent robot bees when real bees become extinct. Or create extinct animals from the strands of DNA even though the habitat that caused them to die hasn’t been changed to sustain life. Or what about living on the Moon? Or living on Mars? Seems entrepreneurs like Richard Branson or ‘Mr Tesla’ (I will never knowingly write his real name) always have plenty of cash available for rich-boy adventures or blinkered invention rather than working towards solving the Climate Emergency. Still, at least when Earth is burnt to a crisp at least we’ll be able to rely on a Virgin rocket to get us to the Moon (late of course). Unfortunately, the boosters of this kind of thing are the Trumpist leaders around the world whose climate change denial and knowing ignorance means that their own people, in most cases their electorate, will suffer. Although I’m not even sure turfing these idiots out via ballot box will be the way forward as climate change seems to have become linked too much to the liberal left and less a universal, nonaligned issue. We’re at a bad place and currently there’s not much to be hopeful about. So maybe we act like privileged climate change denying idiots for the rest of the time we’re on this beautiful planet, with our fast fashion and long-haul holidays, and when we are no longer here, just a brief error in Earth’s evolution, Earth rewilds, Earth abides. There’s a bit of comfort in that.