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Forsocksake are a new, proud LGBTQIA+ business based in Saltburn-by-the-Sea. Their brand of quirky, small batch socks have a Teesside-seaside twist, designed to make people smile.

The towns of Middlesbrough, Redcar and Saltburn each have their own distinct flavour, and forsocksake takes three instantly recognisable, fun and iconic parts of their identity and puts them onto socks: the parmo, the lemon top and the Cliff Lift.

The socks are a rich cotton blend and the minimal packaging is made from card and can be recycled. The designs are fresh and contemporary (who would believe the red and white Cliff Lift pattern is over 100 years old?)

Forsocksake are also producing the limited edition Fabulosa socks. The word Fabulosa is Polari, which is the secret gay language in the UK. Before the partial legislation of homosexuality in 1967, being able to identify and talk freely to your LGBT+ friends made a huge difference to your safety. For example: “Use your ogleflakes dolly lilly ajax Anne Hathaways” For those of you that are not fluent in early and mid twentieth century gay slang, that translates to: “Look out, there is a pretty policeman trying to entrap people standing next to the public toilet”.

The police, who were a source of constant danger for LGBT+ people, were most frequently referred to as Lilly Law, or because of their handcuffs, Brenda Bracelets. Public toilets were ‘Cottages’ and Anne Hathaways was a public toilet on Shakespeare Street in Newcastle.

The fabulosa socks are certainly not naff (Polari for bad/drab). These shocking pink and yellow socks spread the love one vibrant step at a time. They are on sale exclusively at www.forsocksake.com and Polyester, 5 Dundas Street West, Saltburn, TS12 1BL for £5 per pair and £10 per gift set.