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Cassini by Fortitude Valley

Launching in 1997, the NASA space probe, Cassini-Huygens. reached Saturn after 7 years, orbiting the planet and providing NASA with groundbreaking images of Saturn and its moons for over a decade. However, in 2017, Cassini met its end after plunging into Saturn’s atmosphere, which NASA scientist Linda Spilker described was “like losing a friend”.

This is something that vocalist and songwriter of Fortitude Valley, Laura Kovic, clearly empathised with: “I thought it was so heart-breaking that this spacecraft that NASA had been following for almost 20 years had to be destroyed.” And so, the band’s latest single was born.

Kovic notes “In the song, I’ve anthropomorphised the spacecraft and personalised the story a bit, so it’s just between me and Cassini. Cassini is venturing out on a long, lonely journey that will inevitably end in destruction just so I can see what it’s ‘like out there’. And even though I know how it’s going to end, it doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye.”

It’s difficult to stop this addictive little tune, with its snappy riff and catchy chorus, from orbiting around your head all day. Kovic’s soft vocals melt effortlessly into the jagged melodies, creating a complementary blend of indie and punk. The solos of lead guitarist, Martha’s Daniel Ellis, are what set the song into ignition, while the witty yet heartfelt lyrics hit with the same force as Cassini struck Saturn’s atmosphere.

Fortitude Valley are based in Durham, consisting of Night Flowers’ bassist Greg Ullyart and drummer Nathan Stephens Griffin, alongside Kovic and Ellis. If you like what you hear, look out for the band’s debut, self-titled album, released 24th September 2021.

Leanna Thomson