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Stories in Stone

Northumberland National Park have partnered with Newcastle University to help launch a special exhibition that explores the University’s work into the geological history of Hadrian’s Wall Corridor.

The Stories in Stone exhibition, which is on display at The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre, looks at the unique geology of the Hadrian’s Wall Corridor and how the connection between the natural and cultural landscapes has helped to shape the area from pre-Roman times – before the Wall was built – right up to the present day.

Human interaction and processes have helped to shape the natural landscape over time, and, through natural features such as rocks, minerals, landforms and soil, the Stories in Stone Exhibition will help visitors to visualise a society 4,000 years before the Romans.

The exhibition will have a number of geological pieces on display, with pop up events running throughout the Summer at The Sill and Walltown Visitor Centre, including: Northumberland Rocks Walk and Talks and Young Archaeology Club sessions.

The Stories in Stone exhibition will be on display at The Sill: National Landscape Discovery Centre from July 5 until the September 5, 2021.