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Leap To It

Every time you’ve seen a film or tv show’s resident outlaw wearing a skull ring as symbol of what a tough guy he is, you can thank The Great Frog for that. Renowned for establishing the skull ring as the mark of someone you don’t want to fuck with, TGF have been putting skulls on the fingers of some of music’s biggest icons since 1972. With clients that span from Iron Maiden to Iggy Pop, (with a stop off on Kate Bush along the way) there’s no denying these guys are creating the absolute must-have accessories for fashion and music fans alike.

They’ve expanded their range to encompass bracelets, necklaces, and cufflinks, and their ring designs have included collabs with Motörhead, Slayer and Iron Maiden. Everything is made by hand in-store by their teams of jewellers, and their shops have grown from a single East London store, to having locations in New York, LA and Tokyo – even the pieces sold in these stores are made in England and shipped to them. They’ve now reached something of a cult status in the fashion and music circles, but we can’t quite imagine they’re going to become passé anytime soon. So, the only real question is; which piece should we add to our collection next?

Shop their collection at www.thegreatfroglondon.com

Faith Richardson