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Max Out Your Sustainable Style

Does anyone else feel like every single piece of fashion at the moment is beige? Wherever you look the racks are full of beige, greige, and occasionally a flight of fancy into a tan or brown. I’m pretty sure we can blame a Kardashian for this (we usually can), but sometimes some of us just want to wear a bit of colour. Sustainable fashion brands are usually another culprit of the eternal neutral palette, so thank god we found Studio Courtenay. They’ve managed to nail down bright colours and bold prints, and done it all whilst being kind to the planet.

Everything they create is done right here in the North East; they use local tailors, source deadstock fabric from North East companies, and everything is created, packaged and posted from their Newcastle studio. Despite the fact they’re busy saving the planet one tote bag or bowling shirt at a time, you’ll not have to surrender yourself to a sea of hemp in order to shop here. Everything Studio Courtenay creates uses maximalist prints and vintage inspired shapes so you don’t need to give up your style in order to live a little more sustainably. You’ll have to be quick though – they only create small runs of things to limit waste and to use every inch of their fabrics, but the good news is they’ve started expanding their pieces into unisex clothes – vintage inspired bowling shirt anyone?

You can keep up to date with what they’re doing on Instagram @StudioCourtenay

Faith Richardson

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