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rsz_moodbay.jpg Single Review: Moodbay - My Thing

Following success of their last single Like Nobody Else, North-East electro-pop duo, Moodbay, is back with a new single, My Thing.

The track is from upcoming EP, Somewhere Under the Moon which will be out later this year.

The song has an upbeat rhythm with poignant lyrics of being your authentic self, “I don’t care what you think because I’m doing my thing.” Laid-back and more soulful than previous songs, this track draws the attention to Anna’s crystal-clear vocals.

The track has an uplifting and joyous feeling, contrary to the duo’s previous work including Psycho and Listen Up which have a very moody 1990s emotive quality.

This feel-good, nostalgic single is complete with music video shot by Leeds-based cinematographer, Declan Creffield, coming out a week following the track’s release.

My Thing is inspired by songs including I Feel it Coming by the Weeknd and Instant Crush by Daft Punk.

This release marks a new chapter for Moodbay as Anna and Alfie take creative control of their identity, releasing independently for the first time.

Moodbay is performing at Allcalmy Festival in Northallerton June 25th.

Aja Dodd