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Our Crack Little Crack

campingelephANT.jpg Working On A Novel

I spent the last lockdown working on a novel, which, I hope, will become the first in a long-running series (and then a so-so film, and then a disappointing Netflix follow-up - which I will wash my hands of while picking up the royalty cheques). The novel is about a couple, who – while on their way to Istanbul for a holiday – pick up the wrong piece of luggage at the airport. It’s only when they open the suitcase (back at their hotel) that they realise their mistake. They are then thrust into an international web of intrigue, WHICH GOES ALL THE WAY TO THE VERY TOP! So far, so thrilling, right? But what really makes my novel pop are the two central characters. He’s from Kenya, and believes that rules are there to be broken, and she’s from India, and lives her life in accordance with Buddha. Also: they are both elephants. (He’s called Bunting; she’s called Bindi. Together they are: Bunting & Bindi). Further novels are planned – with the pair getting into ever more outlandish scrapes – and I see the series being rather like the Harry Potter books in that they will appeal to both children and idiots.