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Our Crack Little Crack

foxqueue copy.jpg I had my first Covid vaccination last week

I had my first Covid vaccination last week. Needless to say, it didn’t go entirely to plan. When I got there, there was a queue of around 30 to 40 people outside – everyone spaced a good few yards apart – and I went to stand at the back. When everyone started to move up, the bloke in front of me remained stationary. ‘Excuse me,’ I piped up. The man didn’t look at me but the line continued to move forward. (There was now a sizeable gap between the man and the rest of the line.) I tried again, a bit louder. ‘Excuse me!’ When the man didn’t budge, I noticed he was wearing dark glasses and holding a stick. Ah! I thought. He’s blind. ‘Are you in the queue?’ I shouted, louder than I would have liked. (Nearly everyone in the queue was now looking at me. More than one person appeared to be enjoying my distress.) When the man continued to ignore my exhortations, I wondered what I should do. I could hardly take him by the arm (two yard rule!), and I didn’t want to push in. I was just thinking about how specifically to address him (was I really going to go down the ‘Hey! You! Mr Blind Man!’ route?), when a woman came barrelling up to us. ‘Sorry! Sorry! He’s deaf as well as blind,’ she said, which explained a lot. I gave her a smile, a smile which I hoped conveyed the message: ‘That is absolutely not a problem. I had everything under control. It’s the people who were enjoying my discomfort that were in the wrong here – not me,’ but I had my mask on and she probably didn’t pick up the nuances of my expression.