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orwellzoom.jpg Lit & Phil Online Talks

The Lit & Phil are streaming a series of fantastic online talks throughout April and May, all available for free with a suggested donation of £3.

8th April - L.S Lowry: A Life.

L.S. Lowry’s creative work is much better known than the man himself. This talk by Ian McArdle attempts to redress the balance by examining his life and the relationships he established with others through a number of contrasts and, sometimes, apparent contradictions in the artist himself.

14th April - Porter's Palmyra

The Syrian city of Palmyra will be familiar to many owing to the tragic destruction of its major monuments by Islamic State. While structures like the Temples of Bel and Baalshamin may be lost forever, their legacy can be traced in the accounts and stories of the litany of travellers to have reached the site. This presentation will uncover these often overlooked accounts of the city and scrutinise why these century old adventures still have relevance for the study of Palmyra today.

19th April - Michael Chaplin: Writing In Lockdown

In this illustrated talk Newcastle playwright and non-fiction writer Michael Chaplin describes the genesis and ‘roll-out’ of various projects over the last year. There might even be a song, though someone much more famous will be singing it…

22nd April - Annotating Orwell

D.J. Taylor's Orwell: The Life won the 2003 Whitbread Biography Prize.  He is currently working on a new biography of Orwell, to be published in 2023. The first two volumes of his annotated edition of Orwell's novels - Animal Farm and Nineteen Eighty-Four - will appear in June. Here he talks to Les Hurst, a Trustee of The Orwell Society,  about some of the problems involved in annotating Orwell's work and some of the new biographical challenges that emerged along the way.

29th April - The Feel of Home: Emotions in the 19th Century British Middle-Class Home

This lecture will address some of the most common emotions associated with the nineteenth-century middle-class home as they were described in household guides of the period, and then explore how people of the time felt about their homes based on material in private diaries and letters. 

5th May - Weimar 1919-1933: Dancing on a Volcano

Are you interested in the Weimar Republic, Germany’s first democracy? Are you interested in photography? Then this talk is for you.
11th May - Newcastle Gaol: Its History and its Inmates
This talk with Dr Shane McCorristine will explore some of the fascinating stories of the Gaol and its inmates.

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