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Art Editorial

rsz_breaststroke.jpg Star & Shadow: Commissions

Star & Shadow Cinema is a completely volunteer run (and built) arts space, music venue, cinema and singular creative hub and torch that keeps the North East’s underground cultural flame burning.

When COVID hit last year and the subsequent lockdowns started to bite many of the Star & Shadow Cinema volunteers lost not just work but also the vital creative bonds that keep people happy and healthy.

With support from Arts Council England they’ve been able to kick start - Microprojects. A unique mini-commissioning fund that was open to all S&S volunteers to make new things, stay connected, experiment, generate new ideas and help maintain social bonds.

Over 37 creative projects got underway; zines, online radio, films, gardening projects, community interventions on the doorstep, documentary, print and physical transformations of the building. All representing a fantastic and healthy diversity of their volunteer cohort; ages, backgrounds, genders and cultures. You can dive into them online now!

Image credit: Rachel Bollen